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Spring and Summer Tire Changeover

Spring and Summer Tire Changeover

Get your winter tires changed over on your vehicle this spring!

Woodward Service Centre in Barrie, Ontario offers spring and summer tire changeover services

Ensure your vehicle is prepared for the warm weather driving by getting a tire changeover service from Woodward! We will install and balance your all-season or summer tires!

You may think, why do I have to switch my tires? It is highly important to get a tire changeover before and after winter. Above 7 degrees, winter tires lose their effectiveness and the reverse is true for summer tires or all-season tires. To ensure your safety, you should always have the right tires installed for the traction you need.

All-season tires provide a more durable and comfortable drive, with the best quality to price ratio and operate quietly. However, it is still important to remember that these tires are only effective in three of the four seasons. When the temperature is below 7 or there is snow on the ground, they lose their grip.

Summer tires respond very well in both wet and dry conditions, with a better grip on the road and shorter stopping distance. These are perfect for sporty driving, though often create more noise.

See the experts at Woodward Service Centre in Barrie, Ontario this spring for the best advice on tires appropriate for your car or truck, and get our spring and tire changeover service.

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Last Updated On: March 03, 2017
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