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Brake Repair

Brake Repair

Expert brake repair and service at an affordable price

Woodward Service Centre in Barrie, Ontario specializes in brake repair and services

Over time, your brakes wear out due to driving conditions, and the way you brake. Canada's frigid winters can bring on debris and road salt that can build up and cause your brakes to bind, causing uneven and premature wear.

The summer isn't much better, as this season can put a strain on your brakes in two ways. The first being the temperature - heat warms your brake rotors and pads even more than they already are from the friction caused by braking This can lead to thermal damage, and possibly brake damage. Additionally, the weather patterns in summer can lead to thunderstorms, floods and more - and wet brakes means less effective braking.

In order to ensure a safe drive, you need to be able to stop reliably. If your hear sounds while braking, feel a pulsating feeling while braking or your brakes do not respond quickly, you may be in need of a brake repair service by certified automotive technicians.

The technicians at Woodward Service Centre know every part of your brake system and will fix or replace any problems they see with a comprehensive brake repair service. We service all makes and models. Whether your vehicle needs new brake pads, brake fluid, or any other part of your brake system repaired - the professionals at our auto shop will take care of it and have you back on the road in no time.

For all your brake repair needs, call or visit Woodward Service Centre in Barrie, Ontario for the best service around! Always fair pricing for every customer.

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Last Updated On: August 04, 2017
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