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Brake Fluid Flush or Replacement

Brake Fluid Flush or Replacement

Brake fluid should be flushed and changed to keep your vehicle safe

Woodward Service Centre in Barrie, Ontario offers a brake fluid flush and change service

Like most components in a vehicle, the braking system is not invulnerable to damage. The parts that make up the braking system, such as the calipers and wheel cylinders, deteriorate over time. As such, these pieces can flake off and end up in your brake fluid.

Moisture is another factor that can damage your brake system. It can accumulate in the brake system and create rust, which leads to more hazardous bits in your brake fluid. All this adds up to a brake system with compromised effectiveness and decreased stopping power.

Given the high cost of certain brake components, the peace of mind gained through this relatively inexpensive procedure makes it worthwhile. As a side note, this is not a do-it-yourself procedure. The extremely high pressures generated by modern anti-lock brake systems can put you at great risk of injury if you fail to follow the servicing procedure to the letter.

Woodward Service Centre understands this, and offers you an affordable brake fluid flush or replacement service. Our certified and experienced technicians can perform a brake fluid flush that can help clean the braking system without replacing the fluid, or go forward with a brake fluid replacement if needed.

Your brakes should be flushed about every 48,280 kilometers or so. Brake fluid can get old and become worn out. If you notice that your vehicle has reduced stopping power, bring it in to Woodward Service Centre in Barrie, Ontario to have it inspected!

For more information on our brake fluid flush or replacement service, please give us a call or bring your vehicle in.

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